What do 350 Psychological Tests have in common?


The simple, fast, accurate, and profitable way to generate psychological test reports.
Cloud based Computerized Psychological and Neuropsychological Test Interpretation for Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Geriatrics.

Why use us?

You can now give all of your clients an affordable comprehensive assessment to help clarify diagnosis and treatment planning. Build rapport through test feedback.

Psych Screen is simple to use and saves your clinic time and money by interpreting psychological testing for you.

Make psychological testing a profit center. Meet and beat prior authorization limits. Be more productive, test more clients.

Your time is billable under CPT 96101 and 96118, as Psychscreen is not computerized psychological testing; rather it is a report preparation aid.

It's simple
It's about time

It's about profit

1. Select and give test.

2. Score Test.

3. Enter scores into Psych Screen online.

Your report is written for you.

Psych Screen generates a report in under 10 minutes of secretarial time.

Psych Screen produces full reports for less than the cost of typing a report.