What is Psych Screen?



Psych Screen works to modernize and improve patient care in a simple, efficient and profitable way.

Psych Screen software does the work of a psychologist:

  1. Interpreting test scores ( interpreting test results)
  2. Creating a report

While psychological testing can provide vital clinical information, especially at intake, such testing is under utilized due to high costs, limited availability of Psychologists specializing in testing and the logistics of testing. At Psych Screen, we believe that this is to the detriment of our clients and to providers.

Psych Screen software brings psychological testing within the reach of any program or practice, regardless of size or budget, by making it simple, time efficient and profitable to perform psychological testing as a regular part of your practice or program.


Psych Screen, Inc. sells computerized interpretive psychological test reports that are generated online. Due to copyright laws, Psych Screen cannot sell test scoring programs or administer tests online.

Psych Screen is not computerized psychological testing as defined by CPT code rules since it does not administer a psychological test directly to a client.


As our name implies, our reports are not meant to replace full scale psychological evaluations. Rather, they provide cost effective screenings meant to assist the decision making of skilled clinicians. Our reports may suggest the need for further face-to-face individual evaluation.

Psych Screen results are more detailed than most assessments and may be considered complete or can form the backbone of a more comprehensive full-scale psychological assessment. Our reports employ a Cognitive Behavioral model to assist triage and facilitate treatment making decisions. Thus, Psych Screen reports are not only used for screening purposes, but many clinicians use Psych Screen results as an “objective” core for their more in-depth psychological evaluations. Further, reports can be edited in light of a patient’s history and clinical presentation to include in your full scale psychological evaluation. 


Because we are not a test publisher, Psych Screen is free to integrate information from different tests published by different test publishers. We have included a variety of well known, well validated standardized tests of cognitive, emotional, psychiatric and personality functioning into PsychSuite software. This means that Psych Screen produces a more complete evaluation. You save paperwork time by using our comprehensive treatment recommendations. No other software program, except the WAIS and WISC writers, incorporates information from different tests into a single comprehensive report. 

We have the tests to answer your assessment needs. We include both comprehensive psychological tests, such as the MMPI and a selection of short specific tests that were designed to more fully measure more specific facets of psychological functioning. 



Become more effective in your therapy by increasing the early identification of cognitive problems, psychiatric symptoms, substance use patterns and underlying personality dynamics. Initial accurate diagnosis leads to more rapid intervention which is important for effective psychotherapy and can prevent liability.

Psych Screen reports can help:

  • Identify those dangerous to self and others
  • Clarify diagnosis
  • Identify factors that may interfere with therapy
  • Fine tune treatment plans
  • Increase client insight and rapport through test feedback


Psych Screen frees psychologist's time for other billable services. Reports can be generated by a secretary: using Psych Screen saves almost 50% over what the test publishers charge for their interpretive reports. Dr. Kaye’s clinic netted $30,000 extra by routinely screening patients on intake. A quality assurance study revealed a high level of client satisfaction and a blind test exposed clinician satisfaction as well.

Our software will interpret a battery of tests for less than most test companies charge for their computer reports of a single test and for far less than what it would cost to have a secretary type a similar report. 


  • Generating income: testing is usually reimbursable.
  • Allows you to perform needed testing without prior authorization limits.
  • Increasing client insight, satisfaction, rapport and cooperation via test feedback, while reducing drop out rates.
  • Lowering potential liability through early identification and documentation of potential client risks.
  • Documenting individualized treatment needs.
  • Results provide information to help you maximize triage efficiency, including psychiatric referral, to optimize utilization and cost effectiveness.
  • Improving referral source satisfaction by rapidly sharing test findings (with release permission.)
  • Easing preauthorization, accreditation and clinic licensing by documenting individualized treatment.


Our customers say that Psych Screen’s service is first rate. We can help you decide the most optimal testing strategies, help you obtain needed test materials, learn to operate Psych Screen Software and develop an efficient, smooth operational flow. 

Do you have a favorite pet test? Let us know. We are always seeking to improve and are adding tests continuously.


Psych Screen, Inc. has been honored to provide software across the world to hundreds of practitioners in a wide range of settings including hospitals, small private practices, large mental health clinics, alcohol and drug treatment programs, schools, courts, probation/parole offices, courts, correctional facilities and correctional programs.