AvailableABAS-IIF Adaptive Behavior Assessment System II Father RatingsABAS-IIM Adaptive Behavior Assessment System II Maternal RatingsABAS-IIT Adaptive Behavior Assessment System II Teacher RatingsACTeRS-2F ACTeRS-2 Ratings Scale FatherACTeRS-2M ACTeRS-2 Ratings Scale MotherACTeRS-2S ACTeRS-2 Ratings Scale SelfACTeRS-2T ACTeRS-2 Ratings Scale TeacherADDES-3F Attention Disorders Evaluation Scale-3 FatherADDES-3M Attention Disorders Evaluation Scale-3 MotherADDES-T Attention Disorders Evaluation Scale TeacherADI-RF Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised - FatherADI-RM Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised - MotherADI-RT Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised - TeacherADOS-2 Module 4 Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedulle - Second Edition Older Adolescents AdultsAPS Adolescent Pathology Scale AQ Anger QuestionnaireASDS-F Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale - FatherASDS-M Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale - MotherASDS-T Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale - TeacherASI-4F Adolescent Symptom Inventory - 4 FatherASI-4M Adolescent Symptom Inventory - 4 MotherASI-4S Adolescent Symptom Inventory - 4 SelfASI-4T Adolescent Symptom Inventory - 4 TeacherASRS 6-16 Mother Autism Spectrum Rating ScaleASRS 6-18 Father Autism Spectrum Rating ScaleASRS 6-18 Teacher Autism Spectrum Rating ScaleBADDS-ADS Brown ADD Scales Self AdolescentBADDS-F Brown ADD Scales FatherBADDS-M Brown ADD Scales MotherBADDS-T Brown ADD Scales TeacherBASC-3 FA Parent Ratings Scale - Adolescent FatherBASC-3 MA Parent Ratings Scale - Adolescent MotherBASC-3 SA Self Ratings Scale - AdolescentBASC-3 TA Teacher Ratings Scale - AdolescentBHS Beck Hopelessness ScaleBRIEF-CF Child Father RatingsBRIEF-CM Child Mother RatingsBRIEF-CS Child Self RatingsBRIEF-CT Teacher RatingsBYI Beck Youth InventoriesCAB-F Parent Ratings Scale FatherCAB-M Parent Ratings Scale MotherCAB-T Parent Ratings Scale TeacherCAD Clinical Assessment of DepressionCAPI- M Child Abuse Potential Inventory - MotherCAPI-F Child Abuse Potential Inventory - FatherCAQ-F Cambridge Autism Questionnaire - FatherCAQ-M Cambridge Autism Questionnaire - MotherCAQ-T Cambridge Autism Questionnaire - TeacherCAS Child Anxiety ScaleCBCL YSR Youth Self Behavior RatingsCBCL-CF Child Behavior Checklist 6-18 FatherCBCL-CM Child Behavior Checklist 6-18 MotherCBCL-CT Child Behavior Checklist 6-18 TeacherCBRS-F Conners Comprehensive Behavior Ratings Scale FatherCBRS-M Conners Comprehensive Behavior Ratings Scale MotherCBRS-S Conners Comprehensive Behavior Ratings Scale SelfCBRS-T Conners Comprehensive Behavior Ratings Scale TeacherCDI-2 Child Depression Inventory 2CDS Conduct Disorder ScaleCFSE Culture Free Self-Concept 3CIA Children's Inventory of AngerCMOCD Children's Measurement of OCD SymptomsCRS-3ADHDIF Conners 3 ADHD Index FatherCRS-3ADHDIM Conners 3 ADHD Index MotherCRS-3ADHDIT Conners 3 ADHD Index TeacherCRS-3F Conners Ratings Scale 3 FatherCRS-3GIF Conners 3 Global Index FatherCRS-3GIM Conners 3 Global Index MotherCRS-3GIT Conners 3 Global Index TeacherCRS-3M Conners Ratings Scale 3 MotherCRS-3S Conners Ratings Scale 3 SelfCRS-3SF Short Conners Ratings Scale 3 FatherCRS-3SM Short Conners Ratings Scale 3 MotherCRS-3SS Short Conners Ratings Scale 3 SelfCRS-3ST Short Conners Ratings Scale 3 TeacherCRS-3T Conners Ratings Scale 3 TeacherCSE Coopersmith Self Esteem Scale - AdultDSFI Derogatis Sexual Functioning InventoryEDI-3 Eating Disorder Inventory-3EMAS Endler Multidimensional Anxiety ScaleERASORFES-F Family Environment Scale- FatherFES-M Family Environment Scale-3 - MotherFES-SLF Family Environment Scale Child Self RatingGADS-F Gilliam Asperger's Disorder Scale - FatherGADS-M Gilliam Asperger's Disorder Scale - MotherGADS-O Gilliam Asperger's Disorder ScaleGADS-T Gilliam Asperger's Disorder Scale - TeacherGARS-2F Gilliam Autistic Rating Scale-2 FatherGARS-2M Gilliam Autistic Rating Scale 2 MotherGARS-2T Gilliam Autistic Rating Scale 2 TeacherJI-R Jesness Inventory - RevisedKBIT-2 Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test-2MACI - Millon Adolescent Clinical InventoryMACI-G Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory GrossmanMASC-2F Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children FatherMASC-2M Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children MotherMASC-2T Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children TeacherMASC/MASC-2S Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for ChildrenMDI-C Multiscore Depression Inventory for ChildrenMMPI-A Basic ScalesMMPI-A Clinical Subscales - Harris-LingosMMPI-A Content ScalesMMPI-A Content SubcalesMMPI-A Extended Supplementary ScalesMMPI-A PSY-5 ScalesMSI-1A Adolescent Multiphasic Sex Inventory-1NAS-PI Novaco Anger Scale-Provocation InventoryPAI-A Adolescent Personality Assessment InventoryPAI-AS Adolescent Personality Assessment Inventory SubscalesPCLRYVF Hare Psychopath Checklist YouthPCRI-F Parent-Child Relationship Inventory FatherPCRI-M Parent-Child Relationship Inventory MotherPH-2 Piers Harris 2 Self ConceptPIAT-3 Peabody Individual Achievement Test IIPIC-2F Personality Inventory for Children 2 FatherPIC-2M Personality Inventory for Children 2 MotherPIC-2SF Short Personality Inventory for Children 2 FatherPIC-2SM Short Personality Inventory for Children 2 MotherPIC-2ST Short Personality Inventory for Children 2 TeacherPIC-2T Student Behavior Survey/Personality Inventory for Children 2 TeacherPIY Personality Inventory for YouthPOSIT Problem Oriented Screening Instrument for TeenagersPPVT Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-4PRQ-F Parenting Relationship Questionnaire FatherPRQ-M Parenting Relationship Questionnaire MotherPSI-F Parental Stress Inventory FatherPSI-M Parental Stress Inventory MotherRAASI Reynolds Adolescent Adjustment Screening InventoryRCMAS-2 Revised Child Manifest Anxiety Scale 2RIAS Reynolds Intellectual Assessment ScalesRIAT Reynolds Intellectual Screening TestSASSI - A2 Adolescent SASSI Substance Abuse Subtle Screening InventorySBAI Social Behavior Assessment InventorySBS PIC Student Behavior SurveySILS-2 Shipley Institute of Living Scale 2SITR Slosson Intelligence Test-RevisedSMALSI-A School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory TeenSMALSI-C School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory ChildSP-AS Sensory Profile Adult-Adolescent Self- RatingsSP-C Sensory Profile Self ChildSP-F Sensory Profile FatherSP-M Sensory Profile MotherSP-SF Short Sensory Profile - FatherSP-SM Short Sensory Profile MotherSP-ST Short Sensory Profile TeacherSP-T Sensory Profile TeacherSPS Suicide Probability ScaleSTAXI-C/A State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory- Child/AdolescentTONI 4 Test of Nonverbal Intelligence-4TSCC Traumatic Symptom Checklist for Children - Self ReportTSCS-2 Tennessee Self Concept Scale-2VABS-F Vineland Adaptive Rating Scale-2 FatherVABS-M Vineland Adaptive behavior Scale II MotherVABS-T Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale II TeacherWAIS - IV Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale IVWASI Wechsler Abbreviated Intelligence TestWASI-2 Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence® – Second Edition WFAS Wechsler Fundamentals: Academic SkillsWISC -IV Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children IVWRAT-4 Wide Range Achievement Test-4YMRS-FA Father's Young Mania Ratings ScaleYMRS-MO Mother Young Mania RatingYMRS-TCH Parent's Young Mania Rating Scale TeacherYSL Youth Level of Service InventoryYYBOCD-F Youth Yale Brown OCD Scale FatherYYBOCD-M Youth Yale Brown OCD - MotherYYBOCD-T Youth Yale Brown OCD Scale - TeacherComing SoonBASC-3 B6-18 6-18ESS Behavioral and Emotional Screening System Mother

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