AvailableABAS-IIO Adaptive Behavior Assessment System II ObserverABAS-IIS Adaptive Behavior Assessment System II Adult Self RatingABCL Achenbach Adult Behavior Checklist ACER-R Addenbrooke's Cognitive Evaluation RevisedADI-R Autism Diagnostic Interview RevisedADOS-2 Module 4 Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedulle - Second Edition Older Adolescents AdultsADS Anger Disorder ScaleAQ Anger QuestionnaireASR Achenbach Adult Self RatingsBADDS-AS Brown ADD Scales Self AdultBAI Beck Anxiety InventoryBASC-3 SCOL Self Ratings Scale - CollegeBBHI-2 Brief Battery for Healthcare Improvement 2BDI-2 Beck Depression Inventory IIBHI-2 Battery for Healthcare Improvement-2BHS Beck Hopelessness ScaleBRIEF-AO Adult Observer RatingsBRIEF-AS Adult Self RatingBRM Bech Rafelson Mania ScaleBSDS Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic ScaleBSI Brief Symptom InventoryBSI-18 Brief Symptom Inventory 18CAARS Conners Adult ADHD Rating ScalesCAARS-O Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scales-ObserverCAD Clinical Assessment of DepressionCAPI - Child Abuse Potential InventoryCBOS Clark Beck Obsession ScaleCFSE Culture Free Self-Concept 3CPCI Chronic Pain Coping InventoryCRI Coping Responses InventoryCSE Coopersmith Self Esteem Scale - AdultCTI Constructive Thinking InventoryDAPS Detailed Assessment of Post-Traumatic StressDSFI Derogatis Sexual Functioning InventoryDVI Domestic Violence InventoryEDI-3 Eating Disorder Inventory-3EMAS Endler Multidimensional Anxiety ScaleFAB Frontal Assessment BatteryFES Family Environment ScaleFIRO-B Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation Inventory - BehaviorFrSBe-FAM Frontal Systems Behavior Scales Family RatingsFrSBe-S Frontal System Behavior Scale Self RatingsGDS Geriatric Depression ScaleGDS-15 Short Geriatric Depression ScaleGP-cog General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition ExaminationHAM-A Hamilton Anxiety ScaleHAM-D 17 Hamilton Depression Scale- 17HCR 20 Dangerousness AssessmentIBS Interpersonal Behavior SurveyICD-10 Depression InventoryJI-R Jesness Inventory - RevisedKAS-R Katz Adjustment Scales-RelativesKBIT-2 Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test-2LMT Letter Memory Test,LSAS Leibowitz Social Anxiety ScaleLSCMI Level of Service Case Management InventoryLSI-R Level of Service Inventory-RevisedMAQ Multidimensional Anxiety QuestionnaireMBMD Millon Behavioral Medical DiagnosticMCMI-III G Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory III GrossmanMCMI-III Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory IIIMCMI-IV Basic ScalesMCMI-IV Grossnan ScalesMDI Multiscore Depression InventoryMDQ Mood Disorder QuestionnaireMFAST Miller Forensic Assessment of Symptoms ToolMHP Multidimensional Health ProfileMHQ Multidimensional Health QuestionnaireMiniCogMMPI-2 Basic ScalesMMPI-2 Content Component ScalesMMPI-2 Content ScalesMMPI-2 Harris Lingos SubscalesMMPI-2 PSY-5 ScalesMMPI-2 Restructured Clinical Scales MMPI-2 RF PSY-5 (Personality Psychopathology Five) Scales, RevisedMMPI-2 RF Restructured ScalesMMPI-2 RF Validity IndicatorsMMPI-2 RFHigher-Order (H-O) ScalesMMPI-2 RFSpecific Content ScalesMMPI-2 Superlative Self-Presentation SubscalesMMPI-2 Supplemental ScalesMMSE Mini Mental Status EvaluationMNSOST-R Minnesota Sex Offender Screening Tool RevisedMoCa Montreal Clinical AssessmentMPS Malingering Probability ScaleMSI-1 Multiphasic Sex Inventory-1NAS-PI Novaco Anger Scale-Provocation InventoryNEO PIR-IIIOABCL Achenbach Older Adult Behavior ChecklistOASR Achenbach Older Adult Self Behavior RatingsOQ Overeating QuestionnaireP3 Patient Pain ProfilePAI Personality Assessment InventoryPAI Personality Assessment Inventory SubscalesPBIDR Paulhaus Balanced Inventory of Desirable RespondingPCL-R Hare Psychopathy Checklist-RPCRI Parent Child Relationship InventoryPH-2 Piers Harris 2 Self ConceptPHQ-9 Patient Healthcare Questionnaire- 9PIAT-3 Peabody Individual Achievement Test IIPPI-R Psychopathic Personality Inventory RevisedPPVT Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-4PRQ BASC Parenting Relationship QuestioPSI Parental Stress InventPSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality IndexQOLI Quality of Life Inventory CHECK IF ALL SATISFACTION SCORES RIAS Reynolds Intellectual Assessment ScalesRIAT Reynolds Intellectual Screening TestRRASOR Rapid Risk Assessment for Sex Offenders Actuarial Risk SASSI - 4 Adult Substance Abuse Subtle Screeni 4SCL 90R Symptom Checklist 90 RevisedSeven Minute ScreenSILS-2 Shipley Institute of Living Scale 2SIMS Structured Inventory of Malingered SymptomsSITR Slosson Intelligence Test-RevisedSLUMS St. Louis Mental Status EvaluationSOPA Survey of Pain AttitudesSP-AS Sensory Profile Adult-Adolescent Self- RatingsSPS Suicide Probability ScaleSTAI State Trait Anxiety InventoryStatic-99 Actuarial Prediction of Sexual AggressionSTAXI-2 State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-Adult 2SVR 20 Prediction of Sexual Violence Version 2TOMM Test of Memory malingeringTONI 4 Test of Nonverbal Intelligence-4TSCS-2 Tennessee Self Concept Scale-2TSI Thorne Sex InventoryVABS-O Vineland Adaptive Rating Scale -2 Observer/TeacherVSVT Victoria Symptom Validity TestWASI Wechsler Abbreviated Intelligence TestWASI-2 Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence® – Second Edition WFAS Wechsler Fundamentals: Academic SkillsWRAT-4 Wide Range Achievement Test-4YBOCDS Yale Brown Obsessive Compulsive ScaleYMRS Young Mania Ratings Scale - Adolescent/AdultZAS Zung Anxiety ScaleZDS Zung Depression Scale

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