Psych Screen History

1996: The Problem

Dr. Kaye is a believer in the clinical importance of psychological testing and saw several barriers as having historically interfered with the wide scale use of psychological tests for clinical screening. Determined to see testing reach is full potential, Dr. Kaye began to break down the barriers by creating Psych Screen.

1996-2006: The Psych Screen Solution

In order to create Psych Screen, Dr. Kaye chose the best standardized child, adolescent and adult tests that specifically answered the most commonly asked referral questions. An interpretive computer program was then written that would generate a report based on these tests.

Psych Screen reports were written using simple, non-judgmental, descriptive language.

Over the years, Psych Screen has gone through 5 iterations in an attempt to make it simpler and more user friendly.

Psych Screen is offered at a price point where clinicians can make a profit even when dealing with HMO funding levels.

2012: The Revolution of Psych Screen/Psych Screen Today

Now, Psych Screen is available over the internet, can be accessed from any computer and includes DementiaScreen as well as NeuroScreen.

  • No downloading to your computer, just log onto the website and your reports can be done online from any computer
  • If your computer crashes, your reports are safe • No more calling for uses, there is a shopping cart on the website to place your usage order and it will be immediately filled
  • A counter is provided to help manage your inventory
  • Prompt and professional technical support is available during regular business hours by phone or through the website’s task submission link A web-based service is more fluid and dynamic, allowing new tests and latest versions to be quickly added
  • Requests for new assessments are welcomed and encouraged
  • Custom Batteries can be designed and saved to meet the specific needs of your practice

While psychological testing has always been a necessity for high quality mental healthcare, Psych Screen has made it an affordable reality for all providers.

With Psych Screen, there is:

  • Increased client and referral source satisfaction
  • Improved insight and rapport with clients
  • Documentation of individualized needs
  • Quicker diagnosis
  • More accurate treatment planning
  • Information for quality assurance
  • Program development and documentation that services match clients needs for accreditation/clinic licensing
  • Risk management and preauthorization

Psych Screen has been honored to provide software to hundreds of practitioners in a wide range of settings including hospitals, small private practices, large mental health clinics, alcohol and drug treatment programs, schools, courts, probation/parole offices, correctional facilities and correctional programs.

Using Psych Screen software testing is no longer a cost point, it is a time saver and profit generator.


Problems and Psych Screen Solutions

1. Psychological testing is under utilized: There are a very limited number of Ph.D degreed licensed clinical psychologists who perform testing, who are experienced with the psychological testing and who have experience with a broad range of clients and a broad range of testing. Testing itself is a specialized endeavor.

Psych Screen Solution: With Psych Screen, test reports can now be generated by a paraprofessional. Psych Screen generates the report itself and a secretary is only needed to score and then enter the test interpretation data online.

2. Comprehensive psychological testing is very expensive: Psychological testing is treated as a luxury when, in fact, it ought to be considered a necessity. Computerized reports are much less expensive than what a handcrafted report costs ($500.00 and up) and test publishers charge $30.00 plus for interpretations of a single test.

Psych Screen Solution: Psych Screen allows you to generate collectibles and free psychologist’s time to pursue other income streams. Individuals who do not have large testing needs can now afford to more regularly test clients with minimal upfront cost and immediate test results.

3. Most existing software only interprets just the one test of the particular test publisher: Many important referral questions cannot be adequately answered by a single test alone. In addition, meaningful results are best found by comparing the results from multiple tests.

Psych Screen Solution: Psych Screen uses the best standardized child, adolescent and adult tests that specifically answer the most commonly asked referral questions. Our software will interpret a battery of tests for less than most test companies charge for their computer reports of a single test and much less than what it costs to have a secretary type a similar report. Over 350 tests are available in any combination.

4. Reports are often poor quality: Reports written by a psychologist are often just bullet points and often computer generated reports are rambling as well as ambiguous and/or tend to under interpret test findings.

Psych Screen Solution: Psych Screen generates consistent and detailed reports because they are generated from over 10,000 pages of If/Then statements. The reports use simple, non-judgmental and descriptive language.