Because our software does the work of a psychologist in interpreting test results, Psych Screen is a necessity for the modern use of psychological testing and the advantages are numerous.

These advantages depend on your needs, your aspirations, your strengths and your expertise. They depend on your clinical setting, on your resources and on your competitive environment. Psych Screen fits you.

*All tests used in our batteries are widely accepted. 

It’s Simple:

  • So easy and inexpensive that you can test more clients
  • No other software program incorporates information from different tests into a single comprehensive report
  • The wording of our reports are simple and readily understood by paraprofessionals
  • We have carefully chosen short specific tests of multiphasic relevant dimensions as well as comprehensive tests
  • Reports suggest treatment plans to modify and adopt
  • No downloading to your computer, just log onto the website and your reports can be done online from any computer
  • If your computer crashes, your reports are safe
  • No more calling for uses, there is a shopping cart on the website to place your usage order and it will be immediately filled
  • A counter is provided to help manage your inventory
  • Prompt and professional technical support is available during regular business hours by phone or through the website’s task submission link
  • A web-based service is more fluid and dynamic, allowing new tests and latest versions to be quickly added
  • Requests for new assessments are welcomed and encouraged
  • Custom Batteries can be designed and saved to meet the specific needs of your practice

It’s about Time:

  • Allows paraprofessionals to generate test reports for professional approval
  • Suggested treatment plans save paperwork
  • More effective therapy through rapid, more accurate diagnosis, especially of Axis II disorders
  • Your time to review and edit reports is billable under 96101 and 96118

It’s about Profit:

  • Psych Screen saves almost 50% over what test publishers charge for interpretive reports
  • Use Psych Screen results to meet prior authorization guidelines
  • It is not unusual for a clinic to generate around $30,000 extra a year by testing new clients
  • Vastly lowers the price spent in producing psychological tests reports
  • Uses test results to justify continued treatment
  • Develop new markets by providing specialized testing services to others
  • Generate further income using the time you saved preparing reports
  • Use for assurance and risk management
  • Use test feedback to increase client insight, satisfaction, rapport and compliance; lower client drop out rate
  • Increase referral source satisfaction through feedback
  • Maximize triage efficiency – rapid diagnosis optimizes utilization
  • Continually updated software

It’s Unique/Flexible:

  • The only software to integrate results from multiple widely used test of personality/psychopathology/cognitive functioning into a single report
  • Useful in a wide range of settings including schools, inpatient and outpatient
  • Increased report scope and accuracy
  • Broad spectrum of tests meet multiple testing needs/testing settings
  • Separate child, adolescent and adult batteries as well as batteries for geriatric and neuro psychology
  • Tests for preschoolers and the elderly
  • Correctional/Sex Offender/Forensic tests included
  • Contains tests germane to schools

It’s about Quality of Care/Risk Management:

  • Reports furnish documentation for individualized treatment, pre-authorization, licensing, quality
  • Results can validate the need for more extensive testing
  • Edit and incorporate Psych Screen findings into more extensive evaluations
  • Improved diagnostic accuracy from integrated test findings
  • More effective therapy through rapid and more accurate diagnosis
  • Reports employ a Cognitive Behavioral model to assist triage, facilitate treatment making decisions and aid clinicians in the assessment of potential dangerousness
  • Reports suggest treatment plans to modify and adopt
  • Cognitive Behavioral model predicts likely irrational thought patterns and behavioral tactics

Not only do we want to provide and modernize the care you give, we want to make your life easier and improve your bottom line.

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