The Psych Screen Mission

At Psych Screen, we believe psychological testing is grossly underutilized due to its complexity and cost. While healthcare has modern software solutions, mental healthcare has lagged behind.

Our mission statement: The mission of Psych Screen is to modernize psychological assessment by making psychological test interpretation simple, efficient and profitable for mental healthcare providers in order to better protect clients and psychologists with comprehensive assessments and to free the time of psychologists so that they can better serve their patients.

It’s simple: Psych Screen helps you find exactly what tests you need and generating a report is truly as simple as entering test scores into Psych Screen online. We realize that different clients and organizations have different assessment needs. Because of this, we have made our software extremely flexible and simple to manage in order to adapt to different evaluation needs. Psych Screen satisfies the needs of the general psychiatric population, criminal offenders, AODA clients, Alzheimer’s patients and others.

It’s about time: Psych Screen generates a report in under ten minutes of secretarial time. Think about it this way: Psych Screen allows a paraprofessional to write a report in ten minutes. Without Psych Screen, a psychologist would have to spend approximately 3-4 hours writing a report and would have to write or have a secretary write a 20 page report.

It’s about profit: Psych Screen saves a lot of time, and thus generates a lot of profit. Our software will interpret a battery of tests for less than most test companies charge for their computer reports of a single test and far less than what it would cost to have a secretary type a similar report.