Testing Cycle

Scorint Tests

Use scoring templates or test publisher computerized programs produced to score the test for you.

Generate Reports With Psych Screen Software

Once the tests are scored, use our test software to generate a complete report in less than ten minutes. Simply go online, enter demographic information, select the tests that have been administered, enter appropriate test scores and your report is completed. Review, revise and use as you like.  Save at least 50% over what test publishers charge by scoring and generating reports over the internet with PsychSuite software. All reports are saved and can be viewed as well as edited and printed at any time at no additional charge. 


Profit: Even with the stingiest HMO, generate a profit using Psych Screen by routinely screening clients.

CPT test codes increase reimbursement rates: In recognition of the specialized knowledge necessary for psychological testing, a professional’s time reviewing and editing test results are billable.

Earn Profit, Enjoy Your Free Time

Just relax and enjoy your extra free time while Psych Screen does the work for you.

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